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Vallaeia Springs is a middle-aged artist and grandmother of three putting her human experience in visual tangible form. She is one of millions of spiritual pioneers, seeds of eternal truth, choosing to help break through the rough outer exterior of their own lives to become all they were intended to be in order to benefit others who choose the same path. Her paintings and writings are an integration of her growing spiritual awareness from her first moments of consciousness to her present experience. These moments include the feared shadowed side of her existence as well as the much loved lighter side. Her paintings and writings are a journal of her personal life lessons, those truths she learned when she listened to the Essence of Life that dwells within ALL. Her life and work is her journey through the darkness and back and her gift to her Creator.

From the Source

To the Source

Of the Source

For the Source

She currently lives in Sedona, Arizona and Big Island Hawaii. She is self-taught in her form of art, though many have encouraged her in her journey…many others discouraged her as well. She has loved the arts from childhood, however had no formal education in that field until she attended the Yavapai College, Sedona Center for the Arts and Technologies during the years 2003-2005 and majored in digital media arts.

Her style came about as a result of the experimentation with various paints and mediums that froze, or dried too fast or took too long to dry. She developed a style that would dry fast enough to complete the muse as it flowed in the moment. She hopes you the viewer and reader will be encouraged on your journey as you gleen the jewels in her messages and images. Perhaps you to may wish for her to create an image specifically unique to your own changing energy field.

"Through my journeys, I have discovered, while still Dancing in unfinished chaos, that even those of us in the cold dark shadows are reaching for the light, and the most sacred spot is still within our own heart. By embracing more of the cosmos into our own inner circle of beliefs, we find there is a light beyond our current experience, an illumination into the shadows of our psyche that opens up a macrocosm of possibilities. We are all now at the place where we choose who we want to be, and we are responsible for manifesting our own vision of ourselves. Are we choosing to live our lives from a place of fear or a place of love? We become who we reach for, it’s time to take off the masks."

—Vallaeia Springs ©1998

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