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This image represents those moments when we are truly seeking the DIVINE. We all hear an inner voice that calls to us at some time in our lives. An inner voice of just "knowing" that we are in Life and Life is in us. This is a time when we must become still and let ourselves listen to this voice, OUR own God given inner voice.

Many of the worlds’ religions have taught for ages that there is a Divine spark of Life that dwells within all beings. Others teach that we have "nothing" good that dwells within us. We must conform to Their teachings of God’s standards and keep Gods laws according to the dictates of Their conscience in order for us to become worthy of Eternal Life and Love. As you look around your world, and FEEL the results of both of these concepts, it becomes imperative to eventually make your own decision on what the Truth of that Divine Connection really means to you.

I painted this after having been a Christian for 20 years. I was truly searching inside for what Jesuah meant with the words "I am the vine, you are the branches, those connected to the vine will bear much fruit" I began the search to find out what those words really meant from inside of me. Not based on what religious doctrine or others taught, but what I heard inside…what is that energy of connection? What is it made of? How do I merge with this Source that claimed to be the SOURCE of all living?



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