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Freedom Flight

That soaring feeling one gets when they are released from some sort of encumbrance or attachment. Whether it be a long or short term relationship, a belief system, employment, debts, slavery, being trapped, anything that brings us to a place where we feel desperate to gain control of our lives.

When we begin to feel a longing to break free of restricitons and imbalance, this possibility with all of its promise is emerging within us. Pain can be experienced due to the severing of something that once felt pleasureable as we were merging with it. However, once the intent is set into motion, there is a feeling of great liberation, independence, and spontenaeity as we expand the permissable frontiers of Freedom...Freedom to Be and we birth a new direction for our lives.

I painted this during the end of my 17 year relationship in 1990. For years I had been contemplating and silently yearing to experience what life would be like having a single journey of honoring my own inner voices...


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