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Capturing My Inner Essence

When we focus on the energies of love that abide within our own heart, we discover an exquisite beauty beyond intellectual capacity. We all have a moment in our lives when we believe in ourselves, even for just a moment. It is during this Eternal moment that so much of our true nature is revealed to those of us who dare to look within. And if we sit with this vision in silence we will hear Love whisper on the winds of our heart. Love whispers of the Grand purpose of our lives and the Source from which we proceeded aeons ago. It whispers of the destiny of the human race and reminds us that the Love we grow is the strength of our wisdom and the strength of our wisdom is the Love we grow.

I painted this after divorcing and relocating to another state. It was a new single life for me, and I wanted to get beyond control dramas and negativity and learn to trust my own perceptions. I began to listen to my inner voice more fully, to yield extra watchfulness to my dreams and visions and began a painting with love as the theme. As I focused through the emotion of Love, the vision within me flowed out like vibrant streams of honeyed water through my own hands onto the canvas. I was created in visual tangible form. Love was creating me, and I was giving birth to myself, capturing my own inner essence and setting myself free.


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