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Song of Life

Ohhh those glorious moments when we connect with Divinity in someone else. When we are listening to a dazzling tune that lifts our spirits to higher places, and the feeling that we are truly ONE with the very moment in time that we are experiencing. Those moments when you feel like you can remain in the dance of your heart for-ever…

As a result of seeing myself in a new light, and feeling a brand new power growing inside, I began to be attracted to a whole new energetic. A musical vibration and circle of friends that opened up fresh doors and an entirely new life full of wonderful opportunities became visible. Sometimes chaoticly, sometimes peacefully, but always resplendent in it’s melody. We are all notes in each others’ song of life and I can still feel your melodies dancing across my heart. I painted this image while realizing I was a part of the universeal melody that flows through all of life, and I devoted my life to the agreement.

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