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The Waiting to Awaken

This image represents those times in our lives when we feel dark, cold and abandoned. When it seems as if nothing good is inside of us and our outer lives reflect that feeling. If we take a sabbatical from all of our concerns, lay down to rest, and listen to the inner voice inside our hearts, we find there is a rainbow in all of our darkness; a hope, a light in these shadows. It is small and almost imperceptable at first.

However, as we focus on that little tiny speck of light within us… give it our attention, and pay awareness to the joy we begin to feel as a result of this attention to the light, we find it grows instantaneously. It begins to warm and illuminate those cold dark corners inside our heart. Our feelings of death and gloom are transformed into vibrant new life and we can go forth with confidence into a beautiful day full of surprises and share our joy with the beings around us.

I painted this during that time in my life when I had broken free of a long-term relationship with the father of my children and my Christian belief system. I was full of questions and as I dwelt intently on my questions. I laid down, closed my eyes and dreamt…I found myself going deeper and deeper within. I saw a glimmer of Light in this dark abandoned and dusty corner of my heart. As I focused on the light, the stars were shining and the sun was rising on the horizon. I was awakening, new life was sprouting in this mysterious duskydawn room inside of me. Something was being answered, something was stirring within…then this painting was birthed.

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